An exceptional washed coffee that is truly unique.
The unmistakable scents of citrus, flowers and spices recall
the Land of Sun – the Sidamo Plateau in southwestern Ethiopia.

A combination of flavors that gently seduces the palate,
it offers a pleasing aftertaste of bitter cocoa and spices.


Hausbrandt Cold Brew Coffee: the new way to drink coffee

Hausbrandt interprets in a unique way the current international market trends concerning coffee drinks and makes them its own with Cold Brew Coffee, a high-quality product which sets the pace among the new opportunities offered by coffee-based ready-to-drink beverages. Roasted, brewed and bottled in Italy, it stands out thanks to the use of the cold brewing technique.

Setting aside the classic cup and the traditional warmth of espresso, in this Cold Brew version coffee proves to be an ingredient of great interest, capable to redesign its own role and express its full potential thanks to the choice of extraordinary raw materials.

Cold Brew Coffee is born from the renowned 100% arabica Ethiopia Sidamo single-origin, linked, as suggested by its name, to the Land of the Sun and its highlands made of clay soils, from which this exceptional washed coffee absorbs minerals of volcanic origin, enhancing the aromas of citrus, flowers and spices which give it a unique character.



Thanks to a skillful process, starting from a light roasting and continuing with a rough grindingcoffee meets cold water to let it extract the best from itself. Time is what makes the difference at this delicate stage: water filters through ground coffee and the perfect duration of this process is what determines its success.

The result is a fresh drink, full of suggestions, which gently envelops the palate with a combination of notes and fades into a pleasant aftertaste of bitter cocoa and spices.

Born from an in-depth, passionate research on cold extraction methods conducted by Hausbrandt over the last year, Cold Brew Coffee asserts itself with its freshness and its balance: as a coffee drink, it can also become the star of new alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

With the definition of new tasting moments during the day, Cold Brew Coffee invents its own spaces and opens up a whole new world of yet unexplored satisfactions, in addition to different sources of revenue for bars to amaze their customers and make them savor special moments.