The tasty appeal of the merriest moment of the year takes on a delightful appearance and a delicious taste with the meeting between the art of confectionery and Martino Zanetti’s colors: the precious collaboration between Hausbrandt and the Master Confectioner Iginio Massari blooms again this Christmas to treat all your senses, sweetly celebrating the feast of the feasts.

Bright, enveloping shades of blue and green offer the charm of unique northern lights, adorned with gold and a snowy landscape: wrapped in this blaze of colors, awakening the coziest feelings, you become immersed in the treasure hiding within the package, a soft pleasure, made with quality and a love for tradition and all things good, designed as every year with unique colors, all waiting to be discovered.


Tin containing a Frosted Panettone. Naturally leavened baking product with hazelnut* frosting, decorated with almonds.

Wrapping this traditional festive cake, a packaging that makes it the main star: the image of this Christmas finds its highest expression in the Frosted Vintage, thanks to Martino Zanetti’s colors, illuminating its box with a feast of extraordinary emotions for your eyes.

Inside, the Frosted Vintage Panettone reveals itself in all its soft sweetness and balance: yummy candied fruit and delicious raisins are encased in a soft, fragrant dough, under the crunchy hazelnut* frosting with toasted whole almonds, the whole cake enhanced by the natural flavor of Madagascar Vanilla. The result is a blaze of sensations, a traditional treat that awakens all your senses.


Naturally leavened baking product with hazelnut* frosting, decorated with almonds.

A precious harmony of flavors: it is the marvelous recipe of this Frosted Panettone, guarded by an elegant blue wrapping, enveloped in a ribbon decorated with Martino Zanetti’s exclusive colors.

Under the crunchy hazelnut* and almond frosting, its soft dough is enriched by yummy candied fruit and raisins, complemented by the delicate natural flavor of Madagascar Vanilla.


Naturally leavened baking product with hazelnut* frosting, decorated with sugar and almonds.

A delicate cream-colored wrapping and the exclusive nuances of the new ribbon – inspired by Martino Zanetti’s colors – introduce you to the discovery of this Panettone “Delight”. This precious, raisin-free recipe is unique: the fragrant sweetness of the orange paste is enriched by a touch of candied peels, under a crunchy frosting made of hazelnuts*, pearl sugar and toasted whole almonds.


Simple ingredients such as butter, eggs and sugar meet the skillful work of traditional confectionery art and a deep love for all things good: this is how the sweet, fragrant dough of Hausbrandt Pandoro is born, soft and delicious thanks to a perfect balance of all flavors and a proper, slow natural leavening.

This Christmas, this harmonious chest full of flavors lies in a box decorated with Martino Zanetti’s colors: only the enchanted shades of a wonderful landscape – rippled with blue and green and pampered with gold – could be such a perfect wrapping for this Pandoro, packaged by hand like all other Hausbrandt Christmas products.


Naturally leavened oven-baked cake

With its exclusive, sophisticated recipe, Hausbrandt Pandoro interprets the tastiness and the beauty of Italian confectionery tradition, to offer with its delicious flavor a really unique sweetness experience.

*product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

White Chocolate and Coffee Panettone
Rediscover the aromas of coffee in this Christmas cake by Italian Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari.

The exclusive aroma of Hausbrandt coffee makes its way in the soft recipe of the Panettone: the taste and perfume of extraordinary blends meet the delightful softness of this traditional cake, an unexpected way to discover and taste the unique pleasure of coffee.

Only a deep understanding of this drink together with a love for all things good and skillful dough kneading could give birth to this Coffee Panettone: a treasure of delicious nuances, evoked also in the packaging that features Martino Zanetti’s bright colors and delicate golden decorations reminiscent of the plants and beans of this precious ingredient.


Naturally leavened baking product

The traditional Christmas cake meets the aroma of coffee: the fragrant softness of the Panettone embraces the exclusive Hausbrandt blends for a feast with a new taste, a renewal of tradition, enriched by the delightful nuances offered by the sweet, delicate taste of white chocolate and the citrus notes of candied lemon peel.